About Us

Arbitration Ireland is a unique association comprising members from bodies, firms and persons actively involved in the practice of international arbitration in Ireland. This cross-sector initiative counts as members some of the foremost barristers, solicitors, architects and engineers in the country. 


Our Mission

The mission of Arbitration Ireland is to promote awareness of Ireland as a venue and seat for international arbitration and increase the profile of Irish arbitrators and practitioners amongst the international arbitration community.


Our Members

Arbitration Ireland’s corporate and institutional members include Dublin’s leading law firms, the professional bodies for barristers, solicitors and engineers, the Irish Branch of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, and Chambers Ireland.

A significant feature of Arbitration Ireland is its International Advisory Board comprising international practitioners of the highest calibre. Arbitration Ireland has also received considerable support from the Irish Government.

Objects of Arbitration Ireland

The objects of Arbitration Ireland are:

  1. to actively promote internationally and domestically awareness of Ireland as a venue for arbitration amongst practitioners, arbitrators, academics, in-house counsel, arbitral institutions and others;
  2. to bring together all the interested bodies, firms and persons who practise in the field of arbitration and combine their talents to drive forward Ireland, in general, and Dublin, in particular, as a venue of the highest calibre, both for domestic and international disputes;
  3. to engage with persons of Irish origin or descent, or who have other ties to the country, and who are living outside Ireland, in order to promote Ireland and Dublin as a venue for international arbitration;
  4. to ensure an active and rigorous dissemination of thoughts, ideas and best-practice in arbitration in Ireland;
  5. to hold regular seminars, meetings, discussions or conferences to assist in developing Ireland as a centre of excellence in arbitration;
  6. to promote the study and the development of arbitration in Ireland and to collect and circulate statistical and other information and to form a collection of publications and documents of service or of interest to members of the Association;
  7. to do all such other lawful things as are incidental to or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.


More Information

To see some of the many reasons to choose Dublin/Ireland as a seat click here.

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