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What type of legal system operates in Ireland?

Ireland is a common law jurisdiction and, although there are some notable differences, its legal system is similar to that which operates in the United Kingdom. The courts follow a system of precedent and lower courts are bound by the decisions of superior courts.

Ireland is a member of the European Union and, like other member states of the European Union, is bound by EU legislation and the decisions of the European Court of Justice

Ireland is a signatory to the New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards 1958 and also the Washington Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes between States and Nationals of other States.

What is the attitude of the Irish Courts towards arbitration?

Ireland has a long-established and reliable judicial system. The Irish Courts are very supportive of arbitration and, when invoked, have shown a marked unwillingness to intervene to the detriment of the arbitral process. They will readily grant a stay to any litigation proceedings where they are satisfied prima facie that there is an arbitration agreement and have interpreted narrowly challenges to the recognition or enforcement of awards.

Ireland is therefore a location where the arbitral process and the enforcement of arbitration awards will be respected.

Is Dublin a suitable venue to host international arbitrations?

Dublin is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city and boasts a selection of modern facilities to host arbitrations of all sizes. The recently re-developed Dublin Dispute Resolution Centre, , was purpose built to a very high specification and all other necessary support services are readily available.
The City contains over 20,000 hotel rooms, with most of the world’s leading hotel brands represented, together with a wide range of restaurants to suit all tastes. Dublin Airport is only 10km from the city centre, handles over 20 million passengers a year to 175 destinations.
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